Delivery Automation

OneShip’s Delivery Automation is designed to streamline and optimize delivery processes for businesses. It automates tasks such as automatic address matching, consolidate all orders and many others, allowing you to save time, reduce costs, and provide better customer experiences.

Batch processing function

Submitting multiple waybills, shipping labels, packing slips, and many others at one time can improve delivery efficiency.

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Automatically consolidate all orders

Save costs by automatically merging orders for the same recipient.

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Automatic address validation

For improved delivery accuracy and avoid failed deliveries, your customer's shipping address is automatically verified.

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Simple and efficient gadget

Print option

Simultaneous printing of multiple shipping labels and packing slips for an efficient shipping process.

Order Archive

Quickly classify orders and upgrade order management.

Size configuration

Configure commonly used sizes to calculate shipping costs more accurately.

Currency Converter

Real-time access to international exchange rates for easy conversion of customs clearance prices.

English name translation

Automatically translate product names into English for quick customs clearance.

Multiple logistics provider options

Enjoy more benefits with OneShip, delivering immediately without needing a logistics contract. We offer both local and global distribution services

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